Flux-gate head in stand..jcrop pg.jpg (21694 bytes)A flux-gate magnetometer consisted of two windings which enclosed a fragile helix of magnetic material,Flux-gate magnetometer..crop jpg.jpg (34993 bytes) Permalloy.    One winding was energised by a 5kHZ alternating current and a secondary winding detected a second harmonic, the amplitude of which was proportional to the outside magnetic influence.   Micropulstions in the earth's magnetic field were measured in three directions simultaneously and recorded in two frequency bands.

Geomagnetic data was obtained from the magnetometer installed on the ice shelf at the British Antarctic Survey base near the South Pole and micropulsations of the earth's magnetic field were recorded due to solar storms with their associated ionised particles, interacting with the earth's magnetic field.   The perturbations of the earth's magnetic field due to the expanding fireball of the rainbow H. bomb exploded high above the Pacific were detected by the magnetometer.

P.Stevens with V. Fuchs..jpg (42982 bytes)Sir Vivian Fuchs the Antarctic explorer used a Flux-Gate magnetometer to measure geomagnetic data on the ice shelf at the British Antartic Survey Base. SRDE  was kept informed of the magnetic activity by means of periodic radio signals transmitted from the Antartic Base.