Carbon fibre is roughly twice as stiff and strong in tension along its axis as high tensile steel and one quarter of its weight. It is highly anisotropic; thus, while exhibiting great axial stiffness and strength it is easily broken by transverse loading.When used for structural purposes the fibre must be stabilised by a supporting matrix, hence C.F.R.P. The orientation of the fibre in a C.F.R.P. is highly critical as they must be aligned with the principal stesses.

A structural member in C.F.R.P. must therefore be designed to meet specific loading requirements both in magnitude and direction and such a structure is then vulnerable to any other loading. Because modern military antenna systems require high directional stability coupled with extreme lightness C.F.R.P.with a specific stiffness twice that of aluminium alloy or steel is an ideal material for the tubular structural members designed for antenna support systems.

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