Aerial_view_of_SRDESRDE had its origins in the Royal Engineers Wireless Telegraphy Experimental Section at Aldershot in 1904. It was subsequently transferred to Woolwich Dockyard and linked with the Inspectorate of RE Stores and later in (1916) became the Signals Experimental Establishment located on Woolwich Common.

By 1918 Army Wireless Telegraphy had made enormous progress and although handled by a relatively small number of skilled specialists (2000) compared to the Second World War when the Royal Corps of Signals numbered around 150,000, and was supported by a large number of REME personnel.

At the outbreak of the last war SRDE in common with all Research and Development activities was transferred from the War Office to the Ministry of Supply and renamed the Signals Research and Development Establishment. After a partial evacuation to Horsham in 1941/2 , it was moved to Christchurch in 1943.

Ex-Directors_of_SRDEEx-Directors of SRDE - See who they were

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